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"Kit-Fox Lance Bearer"
Bronze, 35 x 17 x 42 inches, Edition of 20, $9,600.

Song of the Sioux Kit-Fox Society

I am the Kit-Fox

I live in uncertainty

If there is anything


If there is anything

Dangerous to do

That is mine

This extremely intricate and finely detailed large sculpture was the Best of Show/Bronze winner at the National Western Art Show in Ellensburg, WA, May 1996. One can almost feel the wind blowing through the multitude of feathers and scalp locks as the warrior walks along carrying the prized bow-lance.

Thomas E. Mails describes this warrior in his writings as follows, "To be invested with the bow-lance was a great, but challenging honor for its four carriers were men who were expected to take their places unflinchingly in the front line of every battle and to seek to count coup with the bow."


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